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Jun 14, 2009

what should i write?

its 1:02 in the morning right now, and i am struggling on what to write. geez...it so unlike me to post something quite annoying like this. i really want to write something. something that could have hundreds of comment from hundreds of readers. just like che det huh?? or faisal tehrani i could say? hahaha.nah,that is just a dream! completely a moron i am. dreaming is the most i can do. dreaming huh?

several years backward, someone told me what is a dream and what is it really about. and it really caught my attention since then until now. a dream is absolute whenever you could feel and taste the dream before it turns into reality. ok,ok. lets make it scientific, you science freak. when you thinking bout something, you will send a signal to the nature,to the universe. the universe is then will response back to you. bla,bla,bla... argh, the science is just a tool. the creator of the science is the one you should believe in.

ok,ok, lets go back to our "dream" thing. like you, i also have a dream, not to metion what it is. and what i truly know is, the dream is something you can't afford to give up on. it is something you must achieve no matter what. yet, along the road to success, there will be countless of barriers and obstacles. only the one who believe in his dream will succeed. a dream is the key to victory.

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saa said...

kan da cakap berangan itu bagus..hehehe

cik aso said...


yunyung said...

ya~ betul itu... mimpi manis seperti madu~~~ kan~~ hee..

bila agaknya akan jadi kenyataan?~ hmm..